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Homeowner Manuals by Compendia
for documentation management

Compendia is a media company with the experience, tradition of innovation, proven track record, integrity, and drive to serve you. You build homes, we build manuals, websites, and more.

Homeowner Manuals by Compendia
Have successfully partnered with us

Compendia is your outsourced document service provider. Learn more about why so many builders prefer Compendia.

Homeowner Manuals by Compendia
Serving the building industry

We help you set proper expectations with your homeowners. Put our experience to work for you on your next project.

Homeowner Manuals by Compendia
Implementing Compendia products

Our maintenance, warranty, and operations manuals increase homeowner satisfaction and increase referral sales.

Homeowner Manuals by Compendia
Homes delivered since 2003

You choose: web, print, disc. Our suite of products covers everything from single family homes to high rises.

Homeowner Manuals by Compendia
Audited manufacturer components

Our archiving process will help you get money back during a lawsuit (saving you time and money).

Homeowner Manuals and HOA Manuals by Compendia

Compendia is a media company designed to help builders and manufacturers comply with laws, regulations, and best practices. We help lower risk, increase customer satisfaction, and save you money! Our maintenance guides, warranty and operation content, auditing services, and document archiving are valuable to homebuilders, manufacturers, and general contractors alike. by Steve Fabry

Homeowner Manuals and HOA Manuals by Compendia

Compendia, formerly Master Manuals, knows builders, homeowner satisfaction, the legal, and Green compliance, and how to serve our clients. We are the national leader in the development, production, and distribution of content and information management solutions for the homebuilding industry since 1999. by Steve Fabry

Our Homeowner Manuals Make it Easy

Turnkey. Excellent. Beyond expectation. Hundreds of compliments like these pour in consistently. We do all the heavy lifting so you can do what you love to do: build and sell homes. Allow Compendia to handle your homeowner documentation needs so that you can concentrate on your core competency…building and selling homes. by Steve Fabry

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