10 Reasons




dwellingLIVE will elevate your company to the next level!

1) Leveraging our expertise

Developing and distributing manuals, websites, and other documentation management products is what we do best. It’s our core competency, and it’s all we do. Our specialized discipline in such areas as legal knowledge, best practices, design, customized resources and fulfillment is proven. Our seasoned professionals understand the laws affecting each state and its impact on every custom project. We’ve also collaborated with other highly-respected and recognized forensic and legal experts in the building industry to review and develop content that is solid, up-to-date, and defensible.

2) Strengthening commitment to customer satisfaction

Customer-friendly content reinforces your dedication to ensure the home buyer maintains their investment in a new home. And, such content sets expectations and foster better communication between builder and homeowner. In many cases they reduce customer service calls and even lessen the impact of, or prevent, litigation. When customers realize the overall value of your product and know you respond to their needs, you will enjoy a larger share of repeat business and referrals.

3) Promoting brand awareness

Make your content look as good as the homes you build. By reinforcing your brand to your buyers you are effectively enforcing corporate policies, procedures and best practices, and creating a recognizable marketing identity and image that your clients and potential customers equate with quality.

4) Personalizing manuals for each community

The content you provide homeowners should reflect the unique characteristics your communities offer. Compendia personalizes the homeowner documentation to fit the style and flavor of each community: rules and guidelines, interior and exterior amenities, color schemes, photos, distinctive elements, seasonal and other special considerations and much more.

5) Producing easy to implement manuals

We do all the “heavy lifting” when creating your homeowner content. And one simple form is all it takes to get professionally-produced manuals in your hands in “no time.” Our production team is second to none in terms of expediting your custom order. And dwellingLIVE’s proven triple-check methodology ensures your product is professional and error-free.

6) Facilitating compliance…in every state

California’s SB800 is just the tip of the iceberg. Many states followed California’s lead and passed various right to repair laws. However, these regulations vary from state to state. Our document specialists are experts in assuring the variances of each state satisfy or exceed the existing laws. Therefore, your homeowner documentation is in compliance and appropriate for each state.

7) Reducing exposure to litigation

Oftentimes, the difference between a successful defense and a costly lawsuit is how well you provided maintenance and warranty documentation to your homeowners. Our products, vetted by builders, consultants and experts, successfully pass the litmus test for every “right to repair” law on the books! They serve as a powerful tool that allows you to gain an affirmative defense.

8) Increasing your productivity

You lose countless hours in productivity and countless dollars in opportunity costs when trying to internally build content for each community…for each individual homeowner! As the entire industry relies on cost and time-efficient outsourcing, letting dwellingLIVE handle your homeowner documentation needs frees up your internal resources allowing you to concentrate on your core competency…developing and selling homes.

9) Developing content that’s easy to read, easy-to-follow

Written with the homeowner in mind, these full-color, indexed content use step-by step instructions, photos, icons, and other attractive design and layout elements to make each book extremely user-friendly. Each section is clearly labeled by tabs, making answers to maintenance questions or finding warranty information simple to find and easy to understand.

10) Choosing from a variety of media

Whatever medium you need…traditionally printed, electronic or online, dwellingLIVE can deliver! We provide you a menu of options that include one or a combination of the all the delivery modes we offer: Paper-based, CD-based or web-accessible.


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