Brand Enhancement

dwellingLIVE’s suite of products has been trusted by builders and manufacturers for 18 years!

18 years of integrity and service

What makes our products especially powerful is the strength and depth of our content. That content, developed and modified over several years, is created in partnership with some of the industry’s most recognized and highly-respected forensic and legal experts. These experts write, review and update the content in their areas of specialty to ensure that it is current, solid, reasonable and defensible. Our team knows how buildings are designed, constructed, and maintained, which makes for well-rounded and thorough technical information.

By employing a creative strategy of after-sale care, a builder gains the means to better convey the ongoing value of their product and services. And, as it has been proven in the past, the early adopters of technology tend to gain the mindshare with customers that lead to referrals and development of new revenue sources.

dwellingLIVE products such as The Homeowner Manual and Home Experience provide builders with a competitive advantage by:

  • Enhancing a builder’s brand value
  • Applying a complete turnkey, ready-to-deploy after-care strategy resource
  • Incorporating a technology destined to become an industry standard
  • Creating a new dimension to existing customer service and satisfaction programs
  • Improving relations with existing customers

Builders love dwellingLIVE because…

  • We provide high quality, professionally-produced Homeowner and HOA manuals and websites that make a positive impact with homeowners.
  • We produce products with strong content that facilitate compliance with the right to repair laws in every state…and in many cases create a source for an affirmative defense.
  • We take a time-consuming, resource-draining job off their plate!

Homeowners love dwellingLIVE because…

  • We take the mystery out of their homes and communities by providing them a tool to take better care of their investment.
  • We make it all intuitive and user-friendly.

Work with an expert consultant to make a program to fit you!