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Compendia is built for one thing only, to serve you and the building industry. We love our work and have earned trust over and over again as the source for all your essential information. Our suite of Closeout/Turnover documentation products combined with the Compendia best practice process of document retention management will solidify the foundation of your project. Our product suite solves more of your needs and for less money than alternative options. It’s an easy, quick win!

Express Closeout

Is project specific, collected and audited, turnover documentation management system. Release your Project managers to your next project with peace of mind knowing your Closeout is accurate and complete. Click to learn more!

Master Archives

Effective document management is much more than simply storing key documents. It’s about finding what you need when you need it. Click to learn more!

Service Request Management

Mobile self-service portal for audited communication of service request tickets between you, your customer and your service providers. Reduces your support staff workload and maximizes process efficiency, with configurable and automated service request workflows. Click to learn more!

Home Experience

Empowers home buyers to use your community-specific knowledge base to best learn about their home, how best to maintain it, and ways to enhance the value of their home owning experience. Click to learn more!

Homeowner Manual

Contains comprehensive detail and best practices from every part of the home. Click to learn more!

HOA Manual + Community Experience

Contains all HOA maintenance, warranty and best practice information in one comprehensive package. Click to learn more!

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