I've signed up for your service...now what?

Compendia works with your project management team to facilitate a rollout plan that meets your specific requirements. Getting started is as fast and easy as filling out our brief QuickStart form. We have developed a 5-step process that allows us to do the "heavy lifting:

STEP 1: Confirm Scope and Timeline/ QuickStart Review/ Project Kickoff

STEP 2: Document Collection

STEP 3: Content Adaptation and Personalization

STEP 4: Prototype Delivery/Review-Approval

STEP 5: Final Delivery/Activation

What is a QuickStart form?

The QuickStart form is our proprietary document that maps out the initial scope of your project. It identifies the proper contacts, content option choices, component list (for manufactured product warranty collection), a list of required data/documents, and design options. Each solution we offer requires a finished QuickStart form in order to properly initiate your project.

What is included in "comprehensive turnkey service"?

Each Compendia solution offers comprehensive turnkey service. This means we do all "heavy lifting." We do it all! We handle data collection and content creation all the way through professional production, fulfillment and delivery to your doorstep. For our online customers, we upload your content, we design your web portal to match your branding, we load your legacy users, we activate your homeowner accounts. We offer a one-stop shop to ensure your homeowners receive the highest quality solution. We provide the content. We collect the manufactured product warranties. We process and create your community or builder branded solution. We package and deliver your final product.

Our turnkey service also extends to our Master Archives customers. We work with your team to collect all your documents (we even travel to your storage facilities to personally pick them up). Once they are catalogued and indexed, Compendia’s expert team of archivists audit the files and provide you with a list of those files missing or incomplete. We then scan and upload your entire document library to our web-based application. And your old paper files? We box them up and return them to storage.

Who develops your maintenance content?

Over the past 10 years Compendia (formerly Master Manuals) has developed a considerable library of practical proprietary maintenance information. Written in partnership with nationally-recognized forensic experts, our maintenance content is highly regarded as an industry standard. Our experts write, review and/or update the content in their areas of specialty to ensure that it is current, accurate, consistent, reasonable and defensible.

Our strong content makes the difference between a simple manual and an effective documentation solution. The content addresses specific needs of a community and the climatic requirements of the region.

There are six considerations for Compendia's content:

Climate appropriate--based on climate variables

Follows industry standards--vetted by experts in each specialty field
Minimizes risk - maintains compliance with right to repair and other documentation laws
Community-specific - reflects the homes (or high/mid-rises) you build; creates brand extension
User friendly - easy to read, easy to follow; written for the layman using tables and schedules

Progressive and evolving - annually reviewed and revised.

What is vetted content and why is it important?

This means you are getting correct, fully endorsed and recognized best practices from the leading experts in each individual field (ie electrical engineering, architecture, water and waste management, Anyone who claims expertise in every aspect of home management and maintenance may be doing a disservice to homeowners. Vetting is simply a recognized best practice not just in the home building industry, but in any 21st century corporation dealing with mission critical information that impacts performance and liability. Compendia uses several key sources to forensically validate the best practices we present in each homeowner guide.

What's the difference between your online offerings (Home Experience/Community Experience) and the printed version for homeowners and HOA Boards?

Although the maintenance content is identical, the chief difference between the printed version and our online offerings is its scope. Home Experience is truly an after-sale communication platform. It is a dynamic resource that creates a more relevant, personalized and compelling customer experience. Whereas the content on a traditional manual is static, the online offering provides consistent content updates and sends monthly emails to the homeowner reminding them to perform certain maintenance tasks. Additionally, the web-based versions contain more information that result in fewer service calls, greater loyalty, reduced marketing and operating costs and increased revenue. Such features include expanded documentation (like floor plans, HOA information, CC&Rs etc...) links to manufactured products/subcontractors websites, integration with your customer service process, comprehensive search capability, and community/neighborhood detail.

Community Experience empowers HOA boards, property managers and homeowners to use their community-specific knowledge base to enhance their ability to maintain the property. This comprehensive resource eases the transition from builder to the board, meets compliance requirements, and reduces a builder’s exposure to litigation. It creates on-demand access to the integrity-critical documents every HOA needs.

Our online solutions offer a variety of interactive and valuable features to serve as a key differentiator in your marketing campaigns. They allow you to expand the visibility and vitality of your brand while directly addressing the needs of your customers.

Home Experience is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. What internal benefits do I receive from this type of solution?

SaaS eliminates the need to deal with servers, staging, version maintenance, security, and performance. SaaS is enables companies to more quickly deploy business software, more easily administer these applications, obtain best-in-class capabilities and redirect their scarce IT resources to strategic initiatives.

Key benefits of SaaS include:

Rapid application deployment, sometimes immediate after sign-up.
Reduced complexity - there is no software and hardware to buy and install, no IT resources are required to deploy, and the provider handles updates, upgrades and patch management.
Reduced initial costs - and more predictable, usage-based recurring costs.
Freedom to focus on core business.
Reliability and scalability.
Global accessibility (wherever a browser and internet access are available).

Do you service Single Family Development communities or high and mid rise residential projects?

All of them. Our solutions easily apply to any type of community or residence. We understand the unique nature of each residential project and offer maintenance content that is tailored to their specific needs. Compendia provides homeowner and homeowner association content that is directly applicable to high rise and mid rise condominiums as well as master planned communities.