HOA Manual+ Community Experience





Comprehensive maintenance detail and best practices for common areas!

Professional, branded HOA manuals, complete with custom photographs!

How it works:

Many problems tend to arise during the turnover of a project. Proper communication along with the detailed documentation is the key to a smooth transition process for builders, general contractors, and anyone responsible for preparing an Homeowners Association Board to maintain a community.  Remember, the key to reducing risk and ensuring compliance is smart information transfer. Through superior presentation, branding and depth of content, our HOA manual and Community Experience presents product-specific best practices, maintenance information and more! Available in print and online, we have delivered HOA manuals since 1999! More than just a “how-to” guide, each of our HOA manuals is adapted to the needs of your individual community or project. 

When you finish construction, Compendia produces your professional, branded HOA maintenance manual, complete with custom photographs (included in our standard pricing). By providing the Homeowner’s Association a blueprint of best practices for maintaining their community, you can facilitate the turnover to the HOA Board's control and augment your investment in the development.

Community Experience is an online tool and comprehensive resource that expands the features and function of the reference guide. Community Experience creates a unique post-turnover platform that can integrate into your own website (or the community’s) and leverage your existing technology investment and customer service processes.

Builder Benefits:

  • Community Experience allows a builder to ensure that proper maintenance processes are followed
  • Dynamic content builds your credibility with Board members
  • Comprehensive maintenance detail and best practices for common areas
  • Includes CC&Rs, builder’s warranty, floor plans, service contracts (when provided)
  • Links to all available Manufactured Products warranties
  • More comprehensive than a single builder can maintain and continuously update
  • Includes Homeowner's Association documents: (CC&Rs, Operating Budget, Use Regulations. Reserve Study, Site Plan)
  • Maintenance Log and Responsibilities
  • Architectural Review Guidelines

HOA Board Member Benefits: 

  • Search and find feature makes finding the right document fast, efficient and 100% correct
  • Easy to manage schedules and maintenance log matrix
  • 24/7 personalized access: each Homeowners Association Board member and the property management representative receive access to the community's unique account page and password
  • Helps Boards meet fiduciary responsibilities
  • Keeps the community looking good and keeps the residents happy
  • Text that's easy to understand, and doesn’t require any specialty knowledge
  • Photographs of community amenities clear up any possible confusion
  • Full color production using Quick-Recognition Icons to highlight vital information
  • We deliver two copies of each manual: one for the HOA Board and one for the management company 

Work with an expert consultant to make a program to fit you!