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Our Manuals are branded, customized, accurate and legal friendly!

How it works:

Home buyers often feel overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility that comes with owning a new home. Without a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, they turn to the builder, flooding customer service with requests and questions for areas of the home that they should be maintaining. The Compendia Homeowner Manual solves this problem by providing every piece of valuable information a new home buyer needs to maintain their new home, professionally assembled and organized in an intuitive and user-friendly way! This documentation helps builders establish greater loyalty through improved home buyer satisfaction and communication. Not only does this information recognize the significant investment made by home buyers, but it empowers them to take the lead on properly maintaining their homes. Our wellspring of climate-appropriate, industry-vetted content is a broad resource of best practices for continuous maintenance. Maintenance information management is the cornerstone of several key initiatives undertaken by the builder which will work to reduce risk, increase home buyer satisfaction, and increase internal efficiency. 

Builder Benefits: 

  • Complete turnkey service…we do all the “heavy lifting”
  • Comprehensive maintenance detail and best practices from every part of the home
  • Web-based interactive application, CD/DVD delivery or traditionally printed
  • User-friendly, superior content follows industry standards
  • Conforms to green principles
  • Increases the level of confidence in your product which, in turn, leads to fewer service calls and greater loyalty and home buyer satisfaction
  • Climate-appropriate, community-specific, builder-branded
  • In most states this is a vital component of compliance with right to repair or various liability laws
  • Available in Spanish: Manual de mantenimiento para propietarios disponible en español
  • You maintain editorial control over all facets of the content
  • Essential warranty information. 

Home Buyer Benefits:

  • All the information new home buyers need to maintain their new house, professionally assembled and organized
  • A guide for consistent and proper care to ensure their home's long term value
  • Maintenance guidelines cover all industry standard maintenance practices
  • Tailored for geographic weather variances
  • Customized to each community, including your logo and corporate branding
  • We include your Fit-and-Finish Warranty, along with any other content you want in the hands of your home buyers
  • Intuitive and user-friendly!
  • Available in Spanish: Manual de mantenimiento para propietarios disponible en español
  • Available in a variety of media: Online and/or CD or professionally printed

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