Turnkey Solutions





Our turnkey solutions can integrate into any environment!

Contain costs. Reduce expenses.

Not all cost centers of a builder’s enterprise are equal.  Some programs (providing no return on investment) deserve more draconian cuts, but others will produce greater returns if you increase your investment in them.  The current market amplifies a builder’s need to find ways to enhance satisfaction, reduce risk and streamline processes.

If an average warranty call costs between $200-$400 per occurrence, poorly crafted and presented information will have no affect on the bottom line. It is very likely it will never be used. However, if the information is presented in a professional manner and is available 24/7 in a medium the customer wishes, a builder will realize savings from reduced calls.  If it reduces one call from each home of the community, the investment in a professional solution not only pays for itself, but saves the company money.

Compendia products such as The Homeowner Manual and Home Experience provide cost containment and expense reduction by:

  • Reducing customer service call volume translates into saved dollars
  • Expanding limited resources
  • Providing continuous client contact at a fixed price
  • Increased efficiencies create budget predictability and precision and controls operating costs
  • Enhancing productivity
  • Facilitating multi-department coordination, cooperation and information transfer
  • Leveraging your current technology
  • Decreasing warranty-related issues

You lose countless hours in productivity and countless dollars in opportunity costs when trying to internally build content for each community…for each individual homeowner! As the entire industry relies on cost and time-efficient outsourcing, letting Compendia handle your homeowner documentation needs frees up your internal resources allowing you to concentrate on your core competency…developing and selling homes.

Work with an expert consultant to make a program to fit you!