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We do all the “heavy lifting” when creating a solution to fit your needs. One simple form is all it takes to get professionally-produced manuals in your hands in “no time.” Our production team is second-to-none in terms of expediting your custom order. And Compendia's proven triple-check methodology ensures your product is professional and error-free.

Information is a home builder's most important asset and when properly controlled and managed, becomes a key ingredient in fostering a trustworthy and profitable relationship with your customer base. It is also a liability shield against homeowner mismanagement, and a reliable avenue for state and federal compliance. Compendia is a market leading specialist in the information collection and document processing that is critical for driving operational, administrative, and customer nurturing efficiencies. Just as you use specialists for installing plumbing or laying foundations, Compendia provides the industry-proven expertise and cost-saving processes to best manage and distribute the information.
Compendia understands that effective content management is much more than simply storing key documents. It’s about finding what you need when you need it. And for builders, who must keep track of hundreds of thousands of documents for each community, document retention is a powerful way to quickly and easily address the risks associated with “right to repair” laws, compliance of e-discovery, CDL lawsuits and warranty claims. Compendia products allow you to access the resources necessary to create a consistent records management program, reduce your exposure to litigation, and improve profit margins. Plus, Compendia has leverages leading technology to better serve you. 

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